Environmental design demands a succinct, intuitive, yet blatantly comprehendible approach. Whether on foot, by vehicle, or on public transport, it is both an essential, and aesthetically important sphere of design with an indispensable and imperative function.

As the first impression of both institution and building, the extreme importance of signage is undeniable. Visualine, through an amalgamation of concept-driven design experience, as well as engineering and architectural know-how, are able to produce products that suit the needs and the pockets of the client as well as fulfilling the primary function of the relay of information to the end-user.

We offer signage consultation (incorporating a full site audit), design, and project management as well as overseeing the manufacturing process, ensuring quality through the use of specifically appointed manufacturers.

In terms of architectural signage systems, we work closely with the appointed architect and have formulated a specialized project production methodology specific to these signage projects. (view project production methodology )