The procedure and services offered in the field of architectural signage begins at the
concept stage. At this point Visualine will carry out a concept design exercise. A selection of ideas based on these concepts are presented in book form to the client. Upon final approval a full audit of the total signage requirement is carried out. This is achieved by an extensive site walk through and final extractions from architectural plans. The schedule of signs is presented with a selection of working drawings, material specifications and renderings of key signs along with an estimate of costs per sign. The client will now be required to select and approve a final signage Bill of Quantities. Visualine proceeds with works drawings for the full pallette of signs in book form. This document is presented along with select prototypes of typical signage. Once this document and prototypes are given final approval, a written quotation and key date schedule for the production and erection of signs is issued. When contracted, our sign maker will commence with production .Through production meetings and factory quality and progress control the order is managed up to completion. Visualine encourages the client to joint production inspections which form part of the key date schedule. This enables the client to gain first hand experience of the production process and to keep a check on material specifications.

The installations are carried out in accordance with building readiness and statutory
signage is prioritised due to municipal regulations. All installations are carried out under the direction of Visualine and key date schedules are strictly adhered to. A snag inspection is conducted with all parties present to achieve a mutually agreed completion.