Information n. the act of informing; training; instruction; communication of instructive knowledge

In an evolving world where information is the constant, the ability of the mind to absorb, decode, and perform the necessary action, has become essential to society’s progression.

Visualine, as a multi-discipline information agency, identifies and fulfills the need for a consultancy to bridge the divide between designer and manufacturer through intelligent environmental and graphic design.

Through a holistic approach to the primary principles of design we are able to succinctly and creatively merge the disciplines of design and engineering, and so take a concept from its origin, through identity, to finished product, irrespective of its form.

Established in 1997, we are a small Cape Town based team of graphic and information designers whom, through a broad base of experience in wayfinding programs; environmental and interpretive design, visual identity, print, catalogues, diagrammatic explanations, and web-based design, are skilled in the function of design: to communicate information effectively.

Work completed for our broad range of clients and their specific needs can be viewed in the portfolio listings on this site.